Office Bearers

Board of Directors   Match Committee
Chairman: Andrew Evans   Match Director: Ross Leopold
Vice Chairman: Malcolm Blanch   Captain: Ross Leopold
Course Director: Malcolm Blanch   Vice Captain: Graeme Dyet
Club Captain: Ross Leopold   Secretary/Treasurer: Position Vacant
Finance Director: Peter Townsend   Publicity Officer: Graeme Dyet
Admin Director: Bryn Davies   Handicapper: Glen Tuckwell
House Director: Luke Adamson   Junior Co-ordinator: Sandy Abigall
    MNC Delegate: Ross Leopold
Lady Members Office Bearers   Committee:
Patroness: Position Vacant    
President: Morag Vermeer    
Vice President:    Veterans Office Bearers
Captain: Nell Campling   President: Phil Pinney
Vice Captain: Nancy McNamara   Vice President: Terry Hyland
Secretary: Sue Tassell   Captain: Graeme Dyet
Treasurer: Julie Farrell   Treasurer: Robert Johnston
Handicap Manager: Wendy Rogan    Secretary: Chris Hudson
Committee: Lindy Brown, Polly Ransfield, Kerry Cashman, Sharron McNamara, Jill Stringer & Pam Bruce    Handicapper: Peter Mercer

  Publicity: Greg Mayhew

Green Keeper - Graeme Croad                        Golf Operations Manager - Mike Richards

                                                                   Assistant Golf Operations Manager- Justine Higgins

The Kempsey Golf Club is heavily suppoted by many volunteers who tirelessly give up their time to maintain the day to day operation of the Club. The list of volunteers is too exhaustive to name everyone, but special mention is made to the following members:

Paul McNamara, Barry Pearson, Greg Mayhew, Stephen Bates, Robert Dykes, Noel Clarke, Philip Starr, Greg Mayhew, Dave Griffin, Wayne Simmonds, Graeme Irving, Geoffrey Lawrence, TJ Smith, Darren Holten, Nancy McNamara, Jill Stringer, Brian Stringer, Brody Clarke & Chris Kerr.